UDT Training Class 5 East Coast

August 1950 at Fisherman's Island, Virginia

UDT 4 pic

UDT 4 Replacement Training Class 5 (east coast)

Class 5 ec

Front Row, left to right: George Davis, LT Arthur E. "Bud" Boule', Fred E. Swajger, Alton B. Arbuckle, LTJG Homan Elliot, Harold O. Lowe, Leon G. Brown, Lewis J. Spears, Fredrick G. Robins, Charles H. Thiess, LTJG H. Langdon Smith, Reginald C. Baum, Stanley E. Richards, Harold S. Evans, Louis T. Desautels, Maxwell Gately,

Standing to the right: Mark O. Lewis,

Back Row, left to right: Charles E. Gray, Robert V. Carothers, Chester E. Herron, Lanier R. Steele, Edward G. Soukup, Richard P. Murphy, Louis A. Baxter, Leland N. Jones, John R. Morgan, William T. Southard, William J. Verberg, Leonard C. Ash, LTJG James A. Moore, ENS William G. Ikard, LTJG Philip C. Clark

Men identified by CAPT. Arthur E. "Bud" Boule', USN (Ret.)

Photo submitted by: CDR H. Landon Smith, USN (Ret.)

"This picture was taken with (then) LTJG H. Landon Smith's camera, a Kodak 135,on a 35mm slide by Robert J. Reed, the UDT 4 photographer. He later sent it to the Saturday Evening Post for their "I'm Proud of this Picture" feature. It was published in 1951 and he collected the $100. Fisherman's Island is on the north side of the entrance to Chesapeake Bay and was the site of our (Smith's) large-charge demolition training. The blast is the background, 3 or 4 tons, was made up of 40 pound packs which we swam in to the beach, crawled on our stomachs and planted them in the sand pile. We did this several times over (leaving the packs in place) until our instructors were satisfied. With everything laced together with prima-cord we added some explosive hose and C-3, wired it up, walked down the beach to a "safe" distance and posed for our graduation picture." written by CDR H. Landon Smith

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