Elizabeth Alumbaugh


Robert Russell's father was Doyle James Russell

Doyle James Russell's mother was Addie Jane Mahaffey

Addie Jane Mahaffey's mother was Elizabeth Alumbaugh

That is the relationship of Robert Russell to Elizabeth Alumbaugh. Elizabeth Alumbaugh was born April 6, 1866 in Owsley County, Kentucky to William Alumbaugh and Juliana Phipps or Phillips Alumbaugh. She married Jesse Mahaffey in 1880 and they moved to Madison County, Arkansas within a few years of the marriage. The couple had many children before Jesse was murdered in 1915. There is a detailed history of the family in Donna Alumbaugh's book "Alumbaugh Family". If you feel you are related to us through this Alumbaugh branch and would like more information you can order Donna's book and CD from her website at http://www.alumbaugh.com or email me at pamruss@frii.com

JesseMahaffey and Elizabeth Alumbaugh Mahaffey

Jesse Mahaffey and Elizabeth Alumbaugh Mahaffey family

circa 1893