Jesse Mahaffey Family

Jesse Mahaffey family

Jesse Mahaffey, his wife Elizabeth Alumbaugh Mahaffey, his mother-in-law, Julina Phipps Alumbaugh - far left

and Jesse & Elizabeth's nine children.

Addie Jane Mahaffey is second from the right in the back row.

Jesse (April 27, 1862 - August 6, 1915)

Elizabeth (April 6, 1866 - June 3, 1947)

Jesse Mahaffey was born April 27, 1862 in Jackson County, Kentucky to William Calvin Mahaffey and JoAnna Alford Mahaffey. His father was from McMinn, Tennessee, and his mother Grason County, Virginia.

Elizabeth Alumbaugh was born April 6, 1866 in Owsley County, Kentucky to William Alumbaugh and Julina Phipps. Elizabeth's father was from Estill County, Kentucky, and her mother from Virginia.

Jesse and Elizabeth were married December 20, 1880. Here are their children:

Addie Jane Mahaffey

July 22, 1882

Chester Arthur Mahaffey

September 6, 1884

Johnie Mahaffey

August 13, 1885

Anna Laura Mahaffey

August 13, 1886

John H. Mahaffey

February 27, 1888

Birtha Lealia Mahaffey

April 21, 1889

Rachel Mahaffey

February 25, 1891

George Alman Mahaffey

February 11, 1893

Maggie Mahaffey

March 17, 1895

Ed Mahaffey

July 11, 1897

Cleo Patra Mahaffey

June 4, 1899

Minnie Mahaffey

April 30, 1902

Ida May Mahaffey

May 7, 1904

Irma Mahaffey

February 24, 1905

Etta Mahaffey

September 23, 1906

Irene Mahaffey

June 10, 1910

Emily Inez Mahaffey

December 30, 1912

Jesse Mahaffey was killed in a church or coming out of a church by Doc Southerland on August 6, 1915, in Madison County, Arkansas, leaving Jesse's widow with several children still at home. There is some controversay about the details of Jesse Mahaffey's death. Our version is that Doc Southerland wanted to date one of Jesse's daughters and Jesse forbade it. Words were exchanged, threats made and Doc Southerland shot an unarmed Jesse Mahaffey at a church in Madison County, Arkansas. Doc Southerland was tried and convicted but spent very little time in jail for this murder. I have reason to believe another version of this story I've read may be more accurate but have no first-hand knowledge of same so I'll leave it to others to tell it.


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