Underwater Demolition Team Photo Album

photos courtesy of E. L. "Spike" Field


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Team 1 pic

Jim "Dempsey" Donovan, Jim Frazier, Bill Donovan, Mel Dyal, Bill Roach, Ed "Foots" Carter

beach on the Quatar Peninsula

Spike Field pic

Walter "Spook" Otte, E. C. "Bo" Bohannon, Spike Field

LST 1110, ice breaker Burton Island in background, off Point Barrow

Al Bass

BM3 Albert F. Bass and SA Jerry Rosemond

E.P. Smith

far left - LTJG E. P. Smith, unknown, LTJG Royal Baker, unknown, BM2 Emil J. Barta

off San Clemente Island August 1949

LST 110

LST 110 Unloading drums of fuel from deck - stacked 3 high with timber spacing between layers

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