Underwater Demolition Team Photo Album

photos courtesy of Phil Koehler

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"The pictures with all the ice were taken when I took a detachment to the Arctic on the Burton Island, U. S. Navy Ice Breaker, in 1953. Our mission was to free the Breaker from ice with explosives if it got caught in the ice.

Actually, in July, the Breaker lost part of a blade on the starboard screw and I had to go down under the ice to inspect the screw as the Ice Breaker was dead in the water. It took me 2 hours to get back 50 feet to the ship. Eventually, another Ice Breaker had to break the Burton Island out of its trap. Our location was somewhere between Banks and Victoria Islands above Alaska While we were there we made several surveys of the local areas and conducted many demolition experiments both on ice floes and on tundra.

Other pictures were taken in Japan while we were stationed at Takeyama - just outside of Yakuska Naval Station." - Phil Koehler

Koehler pic

Koehler pic

Kenneth D. Knudsen

front - Ralph N. King

Koehler pic

Koehler pic

l-to-r, Tom Oliver, unidentified, John C. Roe, William S. "Fish" Whaley


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