Mariah Tennessee Turner & John W. Russell family

John Russell family

John Woodard Russell and Mariah Tennessee Turner Russell w / baby daughter

John ( January 17, 1850 - November 29, 1916)

Tennessee (November 9, 1852 - February 5, 1937)


John W. Russell was born January 17, 1850 in Franklin County, Arkansas to James Marion Russell and Nancy Simms Russell. John's father was born in McNairy, Perry County, Tennessee, and John's mother was from Alabama.

Mariah Tennessee Turner was born November 9, 1852 to Elias T. Turner and Sarah (Sally) Durning Turner. Tennessee's father was from Perry County, Tennessee and her mother from North Carolina.

John and Tennessee were married April 9, 1871 in Franklin County, Arkansas. They divorced in 1898. Here is a list of their children:

James Marion Russell

March 6, 1872

Elias L. Russell

April 14, 1874

Henry Carter Russell

March 7, 1875

William Monroe Russell

May 28, 1880

Nancy Ada Russell

July 18, 1882

Sarah Emma Russell

July 19, 1883

Amanda Elizabeth Russell

September 15, 1885

Riley Wallace Russell

August 30, 1887

Fred Ham Russell

February 11, 1889

Fanny Pearl Russell

December 25, 1891

Eula May Russell

May 14, 1893

Samuel Henry Russell

May 1, 1898

John W Russell

John Woodard Russell

Mariah Tennessee Turner

Mariah Tennessee Turner

(known to both family and friends at "Aunt Tenn")

Mariah Tennessee Turner was a very fiesty gal. When her husband of 27 years started selling off their land, land that she had inherited from her father, she divorced him, despite the fact that she had just given birth to their 12th child. As her grandson Doyle J. Russell said many years later, "That land meant a lot to her." She continued to run the farm with the help of her older children. A 1910 census of Boston TWP, Franklin County, Arkansas, twelve years after the divorce, shows that Tennessee was living with her youngest son Sam while on an adjoining property her son Elias, his wife Addie Jane Mahaffey Russell, and their five children were farming, and living with them was Elias' father John W. Russell.


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