Underwater Demolition Team TWENTY-FIVE began training as a team in October of 1944. In spite of the fact that increased physical requirements necessitated the dropping of many veterans because of minor physical defects or because of age limitations, the team still had a nucleus of three officers and thirty men just returned from the most hazardous of all demolition operations, Omaha Beach in Normandy. Lieutenant Walter COOPER, one of these three officers, was appointed as Commanding Officer of the team.


Upon completion of the Fort Pierce phase of the training, Team TWENTY-FIVE received the customary ten days delay en route before having to report to San Bruno, California. Loading its equipment aboard the U.S.S. METEOR, the team arrived at Pearl Harbor, Oahu, T.H. on 16 March 1945. An LSM transported the unit from there to the Demolition Base on Maui, T.H. Here the team entered into its advanced training.


Team TWENTY-FIVE's four month sojourn on this island was terminated with orders to depart for Oceanside, California on 21 July to partake in the cold water program there. Japanese offers to capitulate brought an abrupt end to this proposed training, and Team TWENTY-FIVE, as most other teams, hastily departed for Pearl Harbor aboard the U.S.S KNUDSON (APD-101). The orders were to join the THIRD Fleet which was on its way to Tokyo Bay.


As a unit of the FIRST Division of the Underwater Demolition Squadrons, which was prepared to make a reconnaissance in the Sagami Wan area, an adjunct of Tokyo Bay, APD-101 left Pearl Harbor on 24 August. On the eve of arrival at the destination, however, a dispatch from Admiral HALSEY belayed this operation. On 4 September the APD (101) dropped anchor off the Yokosuka Naval Base, where Lieutenant COOPER was informed that Underwater Demolition Teams EIGHTEEN and TWENTY-ONE had been assigned all work in that area. The team, consequently, had the opportunity to go ashore to see Yokosuka and Yokohama.


On 20 September the APD 101 received orders to act as OTC in proceeding to Guam with APD 106 and APD 107. There the ship took as much demolition gear as it could, after which she left for San Diego, California with Commander D. L. KAUFFMAN aboard, who was to be in charge of organizing the permanent Underwater Demolition Base at the Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado, California. Disembarking there on 11 October, Team TWENTY-FIVE was assigned to aid Commander KAUFFMAN in this task. On 13 November 1945, the team was decommissioned.

(compiled by Robert Allan King for the UDT-SEAL Museum from public records at the Operational Archives of the Naval Historical Center)

TEAM ROSTERS - To protect the integrity of the Teams and the privacy of individual frogmen, Team rosters are not made public. If you or your relative was a member of UDT Team TWENTY-FIVE and you would like further information, we suggest you contact the UDT-SEAL Museum.

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