The following is excerpted from THE MEN FROM FORT PIERCE - A Chronological Survey of the Underwater Demolition Teams of World War II by Marvin Cooper with permission of the author:

UDT Teams 28 and 29 were the last teams to complete the Maui training, and they helped deactivate the Underwater Demolition Training and Experimental Base on Maui, Territory of Hawaii, before they were decomissioned.

Before the end of the year in 1945, all the World War II Underwater Demolition Teams were dissolved. All the Team members were asked to re-enlist and join the new post-war teams. All enlisted men were offered an immediate 60 day leave and an automatic increase in rating as an incentive to re-enlist in Underwater Demolition. Many did.


TEAM ROSTERS - To protect the integrity of the Teams and the privacy of individual frogmen, Team rosters are not made public. If you or your relative was a member of UDT Team Twenty-Nine and you would like further information, we suggest you contact the UDT-SEAL Museum.

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