The personnel of the future team THIRTY assembled at Fort Pierce, Florida in the latter part of April 1945 to commence their basic demolition training. Upon inception, the team was designated as Company ABLE with Lieutenant Commander A.M. FOWLER as the Commanding Officer. The team enjoyed its rugged physical existence nearly as much as the interesting work of learning how to use explosives properly.

Upon completion of the program, Team THIRTY was commissioned formerly on 19 July 1945, after which all personnel were granted ten days delay enroute, before reporting to Oceanside, California. Reassembling there on 7 August, the team was assigned to the base as one of the permanent duty teams. This task was carried out until 20 October 1945 when orders were received to decommission the outfit.



(compiled by Robert Allan King for the UDT-SEAL Museum from public records at the Operational Archives of the Naval Historical Center)

TEAM ROSTERS - To protect the integrity of the Teams and the privacy of individual frogmen, Team rosters are not made public. If you or your relative was a member of UDT Team Thirty and you would like further information, we suggest you contact the UDT-SEAL Museum.

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