The Buckhanan/Buckhannan/Buchanan Family


Sarah Frances Buchanan, daughter of John Buckhanan and Elender Jane Keeling

married William Franklin Smith December 24, 1887


Sarah Frances Buchanan was born January 1, 1864, in St. Paul, Arkansas. She died April, 1937 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


John Littleton Trout Buckhanan was born April 26, 1834 in Sadler, Texas (one family records shows his birth place to be Madison County, Arkansas) and married Elender Jane Keeling on April 3, 1856

John died on August 22, 1907 at Whitesboro, Grayson County, Texas.

We are still searching for the final resting place of Elender, and the date of her death, approx. 1869.


Elender J. Keeling is someone we know little about. Other genealogists have suggested her maiden name was Pfaff or Perry but recent sources show that not to be true. In the 1860 federal census for War Eagle TWP she appears as the 22-year-old wife of John T. Buckhanan and living in that household were Carlton and Charlotte Keeling, their son Jesse, and their nephew Harlan with his young wife Laura. We believe these to be relatives of Elenders but do not know the exact relationships.

(Note: new information just in September of 2011. Thanks to the efforts of several researchers who are all descendants of the Keeling family it is now almost certain that Ellender Jane Keeling was the daughter of William Weldon Keeling and his wife Elizabeth Hyden Keeling.)


John and Elender had five children:

·        Mary Jane Buchanan – born May 23, 1857

·        Margaret E. Buchanan – born about 1859

·        John Montgomery Buchanan – born May 28, 1860

·        Sarah Frances Buchanan – born January 1, 1864

·        George Thomas Buchanan – born March 4,1866


Sarah Frances "Fannie" and William Franklin "Frank" had 9 children, 6 of whom lived past infancy

Sarah Frances Buchanan

Fannie and Frank Smith

Sarah Frances Buchanan

Sarah Frances Buchanan Smith and William Franklin Smith

 with three of their young children


This Buchanan family of Arkansas and Texas may have been Buckhanan, Buckhannan, or even Buckhannon in some public records. Our own family records show that John Buckhanan married Elender Jane Keeling. Email family here –

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