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Charles P. Gillis Family

Frances Jasaitis Sites Gillis

Frances Jasaitis Sites Gillis circa 1930s

The information you find here about this family has been gleaned from census records, obituaries, the social security death index, and death certificates. It is a work in progress and probably contains several errors. Please, if this family is related to you or otherwise known to you, write to me at I would dearly love to meet living relatives, find out just where in Lithuania this family lived before coming to America, and add family photographs to my webpage.

Francesca Jasaitis, born October 4, 1880, emigrated from Lithuania to the United States in 1884 or 1885. She was just a small child and I do not know who she lived with until the time of her marriage to Charles P. Gillis, also a Lithuania immigrant, on August 14, 1899 in Pittston, PA. The had four children:

  • Lenore Julia Gillis, a daughter, born May 22, 1900 in Pittston, PA. She died in 1974 in Kent County, Michigan
  • Agatha S. Gillis, a daughter, born June 14, 1902 in Pittston, PA. She died May 5, 1992 in Ottawa County, Michigan
  • Grace Carol Gillis, a daughter, born September 23, 1904, in Pittston, PA. She died March 22, 1982 in Kent County, Michigan
  • Ernest Raynold Gillis, a son, born January 12, 1909, in Westville, IL. He died April 3, 1993 in Lake County, Illinois

Frances C. Jasaitis Gillis died November 4, 1966 in Grand Rapids, Michigan .

Charles P. Gillis was born January 1871 in Lithuania. He died July 3, 1922 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Ernest and Helen Gillis

Helen and Ernest Gillis circa 1960s


Gillis siblings

Gillis siblings - l to r - Lenore, Agatha, Ernest, Grace circa 1958


Gillis family 1958

Gillis family - l to r front row - Gary, Roger, Lenore

second row - Grace, Frances, Ernest, and Agatha

For additional information about several Gillis families in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and other Lithuanian Americans who made their home and died there, visit the Lithuanian Freedom Cemetery website. Note: this compilation is the result of hard work by Margaret Gillis Grossenbacher and she has copyrights to it. Enjoy the site, find your family there, but don't reproduce this listing or incorporate it into a database for commercial use.

Frances Gillis family tree

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