William Ukanavage (G)

l-to-r, Uncle Louis Mosteiko, Helen Galesky Kinney, Ann's husband Joe, Ann Savicky (Louis' sister), unknown, unknown (with back to camera), Uncle Willie's wife Mary, Uncle Willie Uknavage (G), Aunt Francie Mosteiko


William Ukanavage

William Ukanavage on left, other man unknown

It is no mistake that I have spelled this uncle's name Ukanavage although the rest of the family spells the name without that first "a". That's how Uncle Willie's name is spelled wherever it is found in public records.

William Ukanavage first married a women named Freda Parke. Freda was from Indiana and brought to the marriage three children from a previous marriage. The 1920 census for Georgetown Township, Westville, IL listed the children as daughter age 9, son age 8, and daughter age 4-1/2. Freda and William were later divorced. William married Mary T. Baronowski of Ohio and I don't believe they had any children together. Mary died in Trumball Co., Ohio in January of 1973. William died in Clearwater or St. Petersburg, FL in 1979.

Kathy received a letter from Louis Mosteiko's brother Frank when Frank was 90 years old and he told her that Uncle Willie was crippled up with arthritis pretty bad in his later years. From what I've heard about him he was something of a scoundrel - but that's just hearsay.

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