Frances Uknavage Mosteiko (A)

Frances Uknavage Mosteiko

Frances and Louis Mosteiko

35th wedding ann. photo 1948


Frances Mosteiko

Frances Mosteiko w/ unidentified relative,

may be one of her sister's boys


Frances Mosteiko and her sister Petronia Galesky

Frances Mosteiko and Petronia Galesky

Note: the four color photos above were taken at Petronia's home, 5732 Sieboldt St. Detroit, MI

Aunt Francie is the only one of my dad's Uknavage relatives I ever met. She and Uncle Louie lived in a neat little house on State St. in Westville, IL when we visited them in the 1950's. I recall the house as being dark inside with all the shades pulled, and quite clean and neat. She served us Ovaltine. I think Uncle Louie owned a tavern in Westville. My dad respected and loved his Aunt Francie and Uncle Louis, naming his third child "Frances Louise" in honor of them.

Frances was born in Pittston, PA March 17, 1891. She married Luidvikas (Louis) Mosteiko on October 26, 1913 at St. Peter and Paul church in Westville, IL. Louis was born May 10, 1890 in Lithuania. He died April 8, 1950. Frances lived out her life in Westville until her death March 7, 1973. She and Louis didn't have any children.

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