Petronia Uknavage Galesky (B)

Petronia Uknavage (E) and husband Joseph Galesky on their wedding day


Petronia Galesky and family

This is a photocopy of a photograph, which explains it's poor quality. l-to-r, standing in the back row is Petronia Uknavage Galesky (D), her sons Joe and William. Seated in the front row l-to-r, Petronia's daughter Helen, husband Joseph, son Louis, niece Mathilda, sister-in-law Margaret, son Frank


Petronia Uknavage Galesky

l-to-r, Joe Galesky, Petronia (Petrona) Galesky (D), Helen Galesky, relative from PA. I don't know who the man is leaning out of the window.

l to-r, Petronia Uknavage Galesky (D), Petronia Uknavage (E), and Frances Uknavage Mosteiko (A)

Petronia Uknavage (E)

(this may be her younger sister

Frances, but I don't think so)

Helen Kenney, Petronia's only daughter, wrote several letters to my sister Kathy, telling her about the family and their life in Detroit, MI. She lived her final days in Florida with her son and that is where she was living in the mid 1980's when she corresponded with Kathy.

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